Daily Lessons for Teaching American Street

Ibi Zoboi
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 - Matant Jo's Story)


Students will look at Fabiola's relationship to her mother in the first chapters of the novel. They will analyze how their connection was formed based on the environment they lived in and how an immigrant relation to their parent compares to a first generation immigrant to their parent. They will also look at Primadonna's Story, Majorie's Story, and Chapter 3 to compare Majorie's and Valeria's connections to their daughters.


Individual Activity: How does Fabiola feel in the first few chapters leaving her mother behind? Thumb through the first few chapters to find textual examples for a one-page answer. Especially look at any metaphors Fabiola uses as she is leaving the airport, when she is thinking of her mother in Chapter 3, seeing Matant Jo, and how she feels speaking to her mothers in the end of Chapter 3. Then write a summary paragraph answering this question: from how...

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