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Ibi Zoboi
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Essay Topic 1

Donna and Dray's love for one another is complicated, while Fabiola and Kasim's relationship is fairly straightforward, but ends tragically. What role does love play for for these couples? What is their relationship with one another? How does it allow them to feel or change? How do they play out their feelings in other parts of their lives in their relationships?

Finally, answer in an analytical claim: why does the novel contrast these two examples of romantic relationships?

Essay Topic 2

Fabiola's determination to intercede in her mother's detention, and Dray's relationship with Donna, leads to her mother coming home, but Kasim dead. Does Fabiola need to interfere like she chooses to do? What are the consequences of her interference? Why does she not wait as she is told to by her aunt and cousins?

Make this a twofold paper where you say what you think about...

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