American Street Character Descriptions

Ibi Zoboi
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Fabiola Toussaint

Although this character is from Haiti, she is a U.S. citizen. She comes to Detroit to start a new life but is separated from her mother in customs.

Valeria Toussaint

This character is from Haiti. She overstays her U.S. visa to make sure her daughter is born a U.S. citizen. When she tries to come to Detroit, she is detained in a New Jersey center.

Matant Jo, Aunt Majorie

This character lives in Detroit. She first came to Detroit to join her husband with her first child and then had two more children. Her life seemed perfect until her husband was shot.

Jean-Phillip Francois

This character was a car dealer in Haiti who came to Detroit following the American dream. He also brought his family over, but later was shot and killed.

Chantal Francois

This character was born in Haiti and brought over with...

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