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Joseph Ellis
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What affect does Jefferson's term as Governor of Virginia have on the state?
(a) The state's economy is a disaster.
(b) The state's economy prospers.
(c) The state develops rapidly.
(d) The state goesunder major political renovations.

2. Who accompanied Jefferson to France?
(a) His daughter Martha, known as Patsy, and a slave named James Hemings.
(b) John Adams and Ben Franklin.
(c) Sally Hemings.
(d) His three daughters.

3. To what is Jefferson compared at an elaborate dinner party?
(a) A non-English-speaking guest.
(b) A criminal.
(c) A court jester.
(d) A mime.

4. What does Abigail Adams encourage Jefferson to do, regarding his daughter Maria?
(a) To put her in a boarding school in France.
(b) To bring her to France.
(c) To let Abigail take her to England.
(d) To keep her in Virginia.

5. Where does Jefferson attend college?
(a) At the College of Wiliam and Mary.
(b) At Oberlin College.
(c) At the University of Virginia.
(d) At New York University.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is raising Maria, known as Polly, Jefferson?

2. What is Jefferson's most liquid asset?

3. Who claims this president?

4. What does Jefferson idealize?

5. What does Jefferson owe English and Scottish firms?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are the Hemingses allowed to live at Mulberry Row and work in the house?

2. What are two of Jefferson's untruths in his pamphlets?

3. Why might the audience have been too polite to discuss Jefferson's slave ownership and relationship with Sally Hemings?

4. Why does Madison let Jefferson know that his name is being put forth as the Republican Party's candidate for president through coded letters?

5. What do Polly and her mother have in common?

6. What happens to Virginia under Jefferson's guidance?

7. What is the author's opinion about Bill Clinton's behavior with Monica Lewinsky?

8. What do Patsy and Polly have in common?

9. What are two central features of Jefferson's personality?

10. What story does Jefferson glamorize to benefit himself?

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