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Tommy Franks
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of a very important double agent?

2. How does the president say he will react to terrorism in his State of the Union address?

3. How does the coalition begin the war?

4. What is the first target of the war in Iraq?

5. How long is Franks's private meeting with the president?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction does the Coalition find?

2. What does Franks say happens to Rumsfeld when Franks is out of town?

3. Why is Franks so eager to get into the heartland of Afghanistan?

4. What is Thunder Rain, and how well does it work?

5. What is the purpose of Operation Anaconda?

6. What does Franks say about the WMD in the last chapter?

7. What does Fahim demand to uphold his side of his plan?

8. How does Franks say he leads his Generals in Iraq?

9. How does Franks decide the timeline for the initial attack on Iraq?

10. What are the phases of Franks's plan to defeat terrorism?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There were a number of sacrifices made by Franks and the people around him. What are some examples of this, and who was most affected by these sacrifices?

Essay Topic 2

How did Franks find out he was adopted, and how did this early experience shape his life and his relationship with his parents?

Essay Topic 3

Franks and Rumsfeld were two men who were very similar in their natures, but were markedly different in other ways. Use some examples from the text to compare and contrast these two dynamic personalities.

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