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Tommy Franks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What month does the Iraq war begin?
(a) May.
(b) March.
(c) June.
(d) April.

2. Who is rescued on April 2?
(a) Jessica Lynch.
(b) Jennifer Lund.
(c) Joshua Larsen.
(d) Jeremy Lemming.

3. Which branch of the military does Fahim want to keep fighting in his area?
(a) Marines.
(b) Navy.
(c) Army.
(d) Air Force.

4. How much money do the Iraqis get from the UN every day?
(a) $50 million.
(b) $100 million.
(c) $75 million.
(d) $25 million.

5. What does Franks say Saddam Hussein uses to stay in power?
(a) His family name and past success.
(b) Flattery and low taxes.
(c) Large promises.
(d) Extreme force.

6. How often does Rumsfeld speak to Franks when the war begins?
(a) Once a day.
(b) Twice a week.
(c) Once a week.
(d) Twice a day.

7. What does Franks do when Rumsfeld says nothing is working well?
(a) Tells him to be patient.
(b) Offers to resign.
(c) Presents a new plan.
(d) Admits defeat.

8. Whom does Rumsfeld say Franks works for?
(a) The American People.
(b) The General.
(c) Rumsfeld.
(d) The President.

9. What country does Abdullah Selah lead?
(a) Sanaa.
(b) Turkey.
(c) Kazakhstan.
(d) Yemen.

10. How many countries are involved in the war on Iraq?
(a) Thirty-one.
(b) Fifteen.
(c) Twenty-three.
(d) Twelve.

11. What date is the 2002 State of the Union address given?
(a) February 19.
(b) January 29.
(c) January 19.
(d) February 9.

12. How long after 09/11 does Franks spend in planning meetings?
(a) One week.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Three weeks.
(d) Four weeks.

13. How many days does it take for Afghanistan to be liberated?
(a) Ninety-six.
(b) Seventy-six.
(c) Sixty-six.
(d) Eighty-six.

14. What does the media call the first week of the war?
(a) Merciless Justice.
(b) Destruction for Peace.
(c) Shock and Awe.
(d) Bomb and Destroy.

15. What do Iraqi officials say they do not have in order to avoid a war?
(a) Ties with al Qaeda.
(b) Nuclear Missiles.
(c) Harbored Terrorists.
(d) Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the press label the enemy in Iraq?

2. What angers Franks about the war after 2003?

3. What do the Fedayeen use as shields?

4. When does Bush announce his plan to attack Iraq?

5. How does the president say he will react to terrorism in his State of the Union address?

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