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Tommy Franks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the main fear about Iraq after Afghanistan is liberated?
(a) Saddam Hussein training more troops.
(b) Air raids on Afghanistan.
(c) Collaboration with Pakistan.
(d) Weapons of Mass Destruction.

2. What angers Franks about the war after 2003?
(a) Men are still dying.
(b) Larger assaults have not been launched.
(c) America has not pulled out yet.
(d) Bin Laden is not dead.

3. What did the Coalition use to attack Baghdad?
(a) Mines.
(b) Smart Bombs.
(c) Napalm.
(d) Air raids.

4. What kind of war does Bush say he is waging with Iraq?
(a) Abortive.
(b) Redemptive.
(c) Pre-emptive.
(d) Defensive.

5. How long does the dust storm in March last?
(a) Twenty-four hours.
(b) Seventy-two hours.
(c) Forty-eight hours.
(d) Ninety-six hours.

6. Who is thought to be at the first target of the Iraq war?
(a) Zarqawi.
(b) Saddam Hussein.
(c) April Fool.
(d) Osama bin Laden.

7. Where do Baathist leaders take refuge?
(a) Afghanistan.
(b) Kuwait.
(c) Syria.
(d) Kazakhstan.

8. How much money does Fahim want every month?
(a) $6 million.
(b) $5 million.
(c) $4 million.
(d) $7 million.

9. Which of these words does Franks NOT use to describe Osama bin Laden?
(a) Deadly.
(b) Courageous.
(c) Respected.
(d) Intelligent.

10. What does the media call the first week of the war?
(a) Bomb and Destroy.
(b) Shock and Awe.
(c) Merciless Justice.
(d) Destruction for Peace.

11. What country does Abdullah Selah lead?
(a) Kazakhstan.
(b) Yemen.
(c) Turkey.
(d) Sanaa.

12. What is the press emphasizing about the Iraq war?
(a) Iraqi Victories.
(b) American Casualties.
(c) American Victories.
(d) Iraqi Casualties.

13. How does the president say he will react to terrorism in his State of the Union address?
(a) Cautious.
(b) Intimidating.
(c) Reactionary.
(d) Pro-active.

14. How many countries are involved in the war on Iraq?
(a) Twelve.
(b) Thirty-one.
(c) Fifteen.
(d) Twenty-three.

15. What is the contingency of Iraq falling apart beyond retention called?
(a) Un-maintainable.
(b) The Point of No Return.
(c) Tragic Success.
(d) Catastrophic Success.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Coalition find that proves the threat of WMD is a real one?

2. What did the Coalition find evidence of when they searched for WMD?

3. How does Franks feel when Rumsfeld calls him constantly with questions about the Iraqi plan?

4. Which branch of the military does Fahim want to keep fighting in his area?

5. Why does Franks retire when he does?

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