Objects & Places from An American Soldier

Tommy Franks
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Stratford, Oklahoma

This is a small town in a rural area where Tommy Franks spends his early childhood.

Midland, Texas

This is the hometown of both President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura.

Delta Upsilon

Franks is a member of this fraternity at the University of Texas, where he flunks out in his sophomore year.


After Basic Training, Franks enrolls in an Army school to become this.

Bien Hoa

Franks is shipped to this Air Force Base in Viet Nam after taking jungle training in Panama.

Mad Minute

Every night at sundown where Franks is stationed in Viet Nam, the Americans fired guns to test them and warn the Vietcong.


This is an acronym for Army Forces, Central Command.

USS Cole

On October 12, 2000, al Qaeda suicide bombers attack this American warship in Yemen, killing seventeen American sailors and wounding 39 others.


This stands for Central...

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