An American Soldier Character Descriptions

Tommy Franks
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Tommy Franks - This person evolves in the course of his life from a farm boy to an ordinary soldier to the commander of a major war.

Cathy Carley Franks - This person gets married in a military ceremony to the man she wrote letters to while he was in Vietnam.

Donald Rumsfeld - This person is presented as an interesting character who is described as creative, domineering, bigger than life, jumpy, impatient, and impulsive.

Ray and Lorene Franks - These people were loving and kind parents who were available to their son a lot during the day.

Lieutenant Colonel Eric Antila - This officer is a brilliant intellectual, with a PhD in nuclear physics and reads Dante for fun.

Colin Powell - This leader is not enthusiastic to go to war with Iraq and does not support the author's plan.

Saddam Hussein - This is the...

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