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Short Answer Questions

1. In the story "Fever", who is Carol?

2. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the girl in the story "Verona"?

3. In the story, "The Fisherman From Chihuahua," what type of business does Pendleton own?

4. To which of the following ancient tribes is the gypsy compared in the story "The Fisherman from Chihuahua"?

5. What does Louise's husband do for a living?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Leo Finkel meet his wife in "The Magic Barrel"?

2. Why did Sam's ex-wives walk out on him in the story "The Wedding"?

3. What type of relationship does George have with his ex-students?

4. What type of relationship does the narrator have with her dead son in the story "Dream Children"?

5. Why does Lenore comfort George at the end of the story "Weekend"?

6. What happens when Sean is trapped in an elevator in the story "Midair"?

7. Why has Earl taken to the road in "Rock Springs" and who does he take with him?

8. What pleasant memory does the young girl from the story "Verona" have about her father from her childhood?

9. What unfortunate site does Willi witness in the story of the same name, and how does the young boy react to what he's seen?

10. Why does Gil make his way to Galven's house in the story "Ile's Forest," and what is his greeting there?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

In the story "Weekend," age becomes a factor in the relationships George forms. First, describe the women that George has a tendency to get romantically involved with. Where does he meet these women? What does their age difference tend to be? Explain the ways that George medicates himself through romantic relationships. What else does George depend on to make himself feel good about the age differences in his love life? Be sure to include examples from the text that you believe strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 2

"The Fat Girl" is a story of a woman who struggles with every relationship in her life, from her relationship with others to her relationship with herself. Describe why Louise struggles to love herself. Describe what steps Louise takes to better her life and the outcome of these attempts. Explain how Louise's struggles for love and acceptance rear their head again once she is married and has become a mother. What does Louise give up in order to find herself again? What is Louise's emotional journey? Be sure to include examples from the text that you believe strengthen your argument.

Essay Topic 3

In the story "A Good Man is Hard to Find," the grandmother has an obsession with one article of clothing. First, describe that article of clothing and explain why it is so important to the grandmother. What does the grandmother think this item of clothing represents? Then, explain what happens to this article of clothing as the story progresses. How does the change in the clothing item represent the emotional and moral changes occurring in the grandmother's character? Be sure to include examples from the text that you believe strengthen your arguments.

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