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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following was NOT a way Louise's roommate uses to support Louise in her weight loss goals?
(a) She exercises with Louise.
(b) She cooks for Louise.
(c) She speaks kindly to Louise.
(d) She bribes Louise.

2. In the story "Fever," what is Carlyle's relationship status?
(a) He is dating.
(b) He is married.
(c) He is divorced.
(d) He is engaged.

3. What did the narrator and Sonny argue about while the narrator was on leave from the armed forces?
(a) Sonny's future.
(b) Who would pay a dinner tab.
(c) The narrator's marriage.
(d) The war.

4. What is the name of Sean's sister?
(a) Mary.
(b) Emily.
(c) Polly.
(d) Carrie.

5. Who is the co-editor of this collection along with Tom Jenks?
(a) Junot Diaz.
(b) John Steinbeck.
(c) Raymond Carver.
(d) Ernest Hemingway.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many stories are included in this collection?

2. In the story "Willi," where does Willi live?

3. What is the gypsy's name in "The Fisherman from Chihuahua"?

4. How are Earl and Edna related?

5. As an adult, which of the following facts about Sean is NOT true?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reaction does the narrator have when watching Sonny play his music in the story "Sonny's Blues"?

2. What happens when Sean is trapped in an elevator in the story "Midair"?

3. How does Arty react in the story "The Bystander" when his father is committed to a mental institution?

4. What does Sonny blame his heroin addiction on?

5. How does Willie's father react when Willi tells him what he witnessed in the barn?

6. What is Sean's married life like?

7. What type of relationship do George and Lenore have in the story "Weekend"?

8. What prompts the narrator in "Sonny's Blues" to reach out to his incarcerated brother?

9. Why does Lenore comfort George at the end of the story "Weekend"?

10. Why doesn't Push like John Williams, and what does he do about it?

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