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Horseappears in Sonny's Blues

This is a term used in the story to represent the heroine.

Tusend Hjemappears in Talk of Heroes

This is a group dedicated to celebrating the heritage of the Norwegian-American.

Chihuahuaappears in The Fisherman from Chihuahua

This is a place in Mexico which borders the United States and where Damaso claims to be from.

Tugjahappears in A Poetics for Bullies

This is one who is a member of a high caste in India who has a deep, meaningful relationship with tigers.

Gypsyappears in The Lover of Horses

This is one who travels the country without commitment to any particular thing or area.

Sleep Travelingappears in Dream Children

This occurs when someone believes they are sleep walking, but in reality, they are traveling through time and space.

Marriage Brokerappears in The Magic Barrel

This is one who arranges marriages between families to the best benefit...

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