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Sonny's Brotherappears in Sonny's Blues

This character was assimilated into white culture early on and tries to combat racism and poverty through education.

Sonnyappears in Sonny's Blues

This character has a troubled past and ends up in prison for dealing heroin before struggling to live a clean life while continuing to play music.

Lenoreappears in Weekend

This character is a quiet, easy-going housewife with two children and a partner who is an unfaithful, alcoholic ex-professor.

Arty Lisleappears in The Bystander

This character's father has a mental breakdown and watches as their father declines in mental stability, but is unable to stop it, feeling torn between love and separation.

Vanceappears in The Amish Farmer

This character is a school teacher who aims to make students think, particularly about story elements like point-of-view narration.

The Young Womanappears in Verona A Young Woman Speaks

This character was a pretty, vibrant, happy...

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