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Introduction, Sonny's Blues, and Weekend.

• In the introduction, editors Raymond Carver and Tom Jenks explain why they wanted to create this collection, noting that they collected stories that steer away from the recently popular science-fiction and fantasy, to focus solely on realistic stories, written by Americans, that will move a reader.

• "Sonny's Blues": In this story, the narrator learns that his brother, Sonny, has been arrested for selling heroin. While his brother is in prison, the narrator's daughter dies and he writes a letter to Sonny, to which Sonny responds. It is the first time the pair spoke in over a year.

• After Sonny's release from prison, the narrator, a teacher, takes him in. Sonny explains that his life has been a struggle and heroin was the only thing that made his life tolerable. He says that he wants to become a musician and invites his brother to...

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