Objects & Places from American Rust

Philipp Meyer
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Ball Bearing

This is the weapon that Isaac uses to kill Swede in a car factory's machine shop.

'73 Camaro

This car that Poe has never rebuilt or repaired, despite his intentions, symbolizes Poe's wasted potential in the novel.


This is what Isaac has stolen from his father in the beginning of the novel. It represents Isaac's betrayal.

Combat Armor

This is the type of equipment that Steve Ho wears in his job, unlike his elder partner Bud Harris.

Football Jacket

This is an item of evidence left at the scene of the murder at the car factory. Harris discovers it first and hides the potential evidence.


This item of evidence is left at the murder scene but is recovered before being found by the authorities.


Isaac escapes to Michigan by this method of transportation.

The Dead End

This hole-in-the-wall bar in Buell is symbolic of...

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