American Rust Character Descriptions

Philipp Meyer
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Isaac English

This main character in the novel is a 20 year old who lives in Buell, Pennsylvania, with his wheelchair-bound father. He is portrayed as small and slight, but he has a terrific aim and strong arm.

Billy Poe

This main character in the narrative is twenty-one years old and a former high school football star. Having failed at an athletic career, he feels “stuck” in the town like many other residents, unable to escape or better himself.

Bud Harris

This character is the “top cop” in Buell and a veteran of the police force. He has been known to bend the law in the name of justice, and chooses to do so again in the ending of the novel.

Grace Poe

This character is the forty-something mother to one of the protagonists. She is in the middle of a mid-life crisis. She is afraid of growing older and...

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