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Philipp Meyer
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Book One

• American Rust is the critically acclaimed debut novel of author Phillip Meyer.

• The setting of the narrative is established in Book One as Fayette County, Pennsylvania, where Isaac English is twenty years old and living in Buell.

• Isaac is leaving home after having stolen $4,000 dollars from his father, who used to be a steelworker but was laid off due to the disintegration of Pennsylvania's steel industry.

• Isaac's plan is to travel to Pittsburgh and then on to California; he first travels to the house of his best friend, 21-year-old Billy Poe.

• Poe is reluctant, but agrees to travel with Isaac.

• To get out of the pouring rain, Isaac and Poe duck into an abandoned car factory and start a fire.

• Three drifters show up – Otto, a seven-foot-tall Swede; Murray, an old man; and Jesus, a smaller Mexican man – and claim to own the spot Poe and...

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