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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Bateman look in order to try to fake a reservation at Dorsia when he takes his date there?
(a) Reservation book.
(b) Bank account.
(c) Gossip magazine.
(d) Society page.

2. Finally at dinner, Bateman tells Evelyn that their relationship ______________ and he no longer wants to see her.
(a) Was always fake.
(b) Is over.
(c) Is meaningless.
(d) Isn't fun anymore.

3. After Bateman leaves, he realizes he does not have the strong urge to ____________ when he is with Jean.
(a) Brag.
(b) Kill.
(c) Impress anyone.
(d) Have sex.

4. What does Bateman do when he arrives at his office during his dramatic escape from the police?
(a) Calls Bethany.
(b) Confesses on the lawyer's answering machine.
(c) Tries to kill himself.
(d) Calls Jean to tell her the truth.

5. What does Bateman encourage the two women he invites over to his apartment to do?
(a) Have sex with each other.
(b) Kill each other.
(c) Leave before he kills them.
(d) Watch a movie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the 1980s band that Bateman discusses in detail after the scene with the police officers and the escape?

2. Who decides to go get drugs in order to liven things up at Nell's since things are pretty dull for the group?

3. Where does Bateman's dinner partner want to go, though Bateman realizes he will be unable to secure reservations there?

4. Who suggests that Bateman does not look happy when he goes out to visit this person?

5. Bateman watches an episode of the Patty Winters Show where she reads letters _____________ wrote to his fiancee.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Bateman bored as he is hanging out with McDermott and Taylor?

2. How does Bateman ensnare the child when he decides to go to the zoo one day?

3. Why does Bateman decide to go to dinner with his brother, even though he is not very close to him?

4. Why did the girl from the meat packing district decide to go with Bateman again, even though he tortured her the last time?

5. What does Bateman notice happening between Courtney and McDermott when he is out with the both of them?

6. What happens when Bateman goes to Smith & Wollensky with McDermott? What does Bateman fail to do?

7. What does Bateman use to torture the two women who he brings back to his apartment during the first part of this section?

8. What does Ted Bundy reveal in his letters to his fiancee as Bateman hears them read on the Patty Winters show?

9. What does Bateman reveal about his feelings toward Jean, who he has been seeing regularly?

10. What happens with the reservation that Bateman pretended to have in order to get into an exclusive restaurant?

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