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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bateman do when the mom finds her child? Bateman pretends to be a ______________ and ensures the child dies.
(a) Nurse.
(b) Doctor.
(c) Employee.
(d) Police officier.

2. The taxi driver that recognizes Bateman from the other night takes him under a bridge and ______________.
(a) Shoots him.
(b) Drowns him in the river.
(c) Kills them both.
(d) Mugs him.

3. At the same time, Bateman can see himself ______________ with the woman who loves him, even though he says he doesn't love her.
(a) Killing.
(b) Having children.
(c) Living.
(d) Settling down.

4. Who does Bateman run into after he and his friends leave Nell's that night?
(a) Evelyn.
(b) Courtney.
(c) Bethany.
(d) Patricia.

5. After Bateman leaves, he realizes he does not have the strong urge to ____________ when he is with Jean.
(a) Kill.
(b) Brag.
(c) Impress anyone.
(d) Have sex.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Bateman suggest will be a powerhouse and a great star someday, according to his personal opinion?

2. What does Bateman give to Jean at the end of the night of their first date together?

3. What does Luis do when Bateman tries to make him get away from him?

4. What does Bateman encourage the two women he invites over to his apartment to do?

5. Bateman watches an episode of the Patty Winters Show where she reads letters _____________ wrote to his fiancee.

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