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Short Answer Questions

1. What did the narrator think Isaac caught when he went missing in 'The Lost Children'?

2. What springs up behind John Chapman as he wanders in 'John Chapman'?

3. What made people think Lydia was taken by Indians in 'The Lost Children'?

4. What color is the snake in 'Rain in Ohio'?

5. Why did the narrator in 'The Lost Children' say Tarhe refused to return Isaac?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the narrator of 'August' accept during the poem?

2. What does the first snow do to familiar things in the poem 'First Snow'?

3. What does the narrator see before leaving the hospital in 'University Hospital, Boston'?

4. Where does personification fit in 'Lightning'?

5. What does the narrator think about while watching nature in Flamingo?

6. What chafes the narrator in 'Fall Song'?

7. What does the narrator's companion tell her over and over while at the hospital in 'University Hospital, Boston'?

8. What does the narrator in 'University Hospital, Boston' think about when she hears how old the hospital is?

9. What question does the narrator want to ask the stranger on the plane in 'Flying'?

10. What kind of annoyances does the narrator of 'Egrets' face while going to see the egrets?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Which poem did you relate to the most in this book? Why is this? What about this poem touched you, and why?

Essay Topic 2

Oliver puts a huge emphasis on optimism in many of these poems. Which poems presented this idea, and how did they differ in the way each presented this theme?

Essay Topic 3

What was the main theme in 'Flying' and what kinds of literary devices were used to present this interesting and unique theme?

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