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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator say she is close to in 'Cold Poem'?

2. In 'John Chapman', what state does John Chapman live in?

3. What is the blue heron looking for in 'A Poem for the Blue Heron'?

4. What does the narrator of 'Clapp's Pond' say vanishes sometimes at Clapp's Pond?

5. What color is the beast in 'Tasting the Wild Grapes'?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the narrator think about while watching nature in Flamingo?

2. In 'The Bobcat', what does the bobcat do that astounds the narrator?

3. What does the narrator of 'Egrets' say allows them to step without fear?

4. What question is asked at the beginning of 'Ghosts'?

5. What does the narrator say about the trees at the Boston Hospital in 'University Hospital, Boston'?

6. How do most people feel about vultures according to the narrator of 'Vultures'?

7. What do the Sioux say about ghosts in the poem 'Ghosts'?

8. What are the vultures in 'Vultures' compared to in an ironic analogy?

9. In 'First Snow', what is brought about by the first snow?

10. What is the main metaphor used in 'Lightning'?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What were some of the questions asked in 'The Gardens' and how did their unanswered status affect the tone of the poem?

Essay Topic 2

What was the main theme in 'Flying' and what kinds of literary devices were used to present this interesting and unique theme?

Essay Topic 3

Diversity was a major theme in this book as many different lifestyles and ranks in society were described. How was this theme shown in this book, and why do you think the author felt it was so important?

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