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Pinewoodsappears in In the Pinewoods, Crows and Owl

This is where the crows and owl live and fight.

Mad Riverappears in The Lost Children and Tecumseh

This is where Lydia Osborn's bonnet is found near the hoof prints of Indian horses.

Clapp's Pondappears in Clapp's Pond

This is where a doe is seen drinking when the distance seems to vanish.

Ohio Forestsappears in John Chapman

These are places where John Chapman travels and plants trees, which still flourish, leaving him a legend.

Planeappears in Flying

This is where a person is amazed by the beauty of a stranger and yearns to touch him.

Flamingoappears in Postcard from Flamingo

This is where the palms click in the wind and the birds play in the velvet waters as the sun rises over the blue sea.

Whorehouseappears in An Old Whorehouse

This has been out of business for years, resulting in...

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