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Pinewoodsappears in In the Pinewoods, Crows and Owl - This is where the crows and owl live and fight.

Mad Riverappears in The Lost Children and Tecumseh - This is where Lydia Osborn's bonnet is found near the hoof prints of Indian horses.

Clapp's Pondappears in Clapp's Pond - This is where a doe is seen drinking when the distance seems to vanish.

Ohio Forestsappears in John Chapman - These are places where John Chapman travels and plants trees, which still flourish, leaving him a legend.

Planeappears in Flying - This is where a person is amazed by the beauty of a stranger and yearns to touch him.

Flamingoappears in Postcard from Flamingo - This is where the palms click in the wind and the birds play in the velvet waters as the sun rises over the blue sea.

Whorehouseappears in An Old Whorehouse - This has...

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