Daily Lessons for Teaching American Primitive: Poems

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Lesson 1

Objective: August, Mushrooms, The Kitten, Lightning and In the Pinewoods, Crows and Owl Oliver uses the literary tool of metaphor in these poems many times because of her need to describe items through comparison. The objective of this lesson will be to discuss the tool of metaphor and its role in these poems.

1) Introduction of Literary Tool: Introduce to the class the literary term, metaphor. Prepare a short lesson about the definition and present them with some examples of this tool from books that they have, or will read in the class. Explain the benefits of this literary device and why it would be an appealing addition to a plot or storyline. Answer any questions the students might have about this new idea.

2) Class Discussion: Read aloud with the class the part in 'August' where Oliver calls the blackberries black honey of summer . Discuss this with the...

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