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August, Mushrooms, The Kitten, Lightning and In the Pinewoods, Crows and Owl

• The narrator of 'August' is collecting blackberries and compares them to black honey.

• The narrator of 'Mushrooms' talks about how things as gentle and tame as mushrooms can be deadly.
• A great storm is described in 'Lightning'. The narrator says she learns lessons of creations by it.
• In 'Crows and Owls' a crow was killed by an owl and the crows are angry about it. Eight of them go to confront the owl, and the owl wins the battle as nature dictates.

Moles, The Lost Children, The Bobcat, Fall Song and Egrets

• In 'Moles' ,moles stay underground loving the dirt, and never accomplishing anything in their short lives.

• In 'The Lost Children', Lydia Osborn was looking for her cows when she went missing. Near her bonnet, Indian horse prints were found.

• In 'The Lost Children', Isaac...

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