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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sam Black Crow do when Shadow is accused of murder by Audrey Burton in Chapter 13?

2. What does Shadow do on the tree to steel himself at the beginning of Chapter 15?

3. What animal offers Shadow water in Chapter 15?

4. According to Shadow, which god was not around when he left the cave?

5. What state does Whiskey Jack tell Shadow to visit if he wants to find Thunderbirds?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the nature of Wednesday's vigil?

2. How does Czernobog take his prize from Shadow in Chapter 20?

3. How does Shadow Moon interact with the camp of the new gods in Chapter 14?

4. How do Sam Black Crow and Shadow connect in Chapter 13?

5. What is backstage?

6. What does Shadow experience on the tree on the second day of the vigil?

7. What transformation does Laura Moon undergo in Chapter 17?

8. Why does Easter not want to join Wednesday's campaign, and how does he convince he to?

9. What do Mr. Nancy and Shadow do in Chapter 19?

10. What divine message does Shadow recall in Chapter 19?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Coins play an important role in the novel. They are more than merely metal indicators of monetary value: they are powerful symbols. Write an essay about coins as a symbol in the novel, focusing on their value to three characters. What function do they serve beyond their monetary significance? Do they offer strength? Protection? Some other strange power? What happens when they are given or lost?

Part 1) Shadow Moon

Part 2) Mad Sweeney

Part 3) Zorya Polunochnyaya

Essay Topic 2

The premise of Neil Gaiman's novel is founded on the notion that the gods whose belief systems came to America with immigrant peoples have lived in some human form in America of centuries. As such, Gaiman is tasked with the duty of creating a human character that represents something essential about each god. Write an essay on the personification of the intangible, focusing on three belief systems:

Part 1) Czernobog and his three daughters are a Russian family living in Chicago. What belief system do these four characters represent? What duties do they perform, and how are these duties manifest in a modern America? As modern characters, how have the traditional duties of these gods adapted to a new era?

Part 2) Mr. Nancy is clearly intended to represent the African god Anansi. Describe Mr. Nancy, both his physical appearance and the occupation he has in modern America. How does this coalesce with his role as the African trickster god? When Shadow enters the realm of the gods, how does Mr. Nancy's appearance change to reflect Anansi's true form?

Part 3) Ibis and Jacquel represent two Egyptian gods in the novel. List every aspect of their personalities that links them with this. When Shadow undergoes his passage into death, how do Jacquel and Ibis play an integral role?

Essay Topic 3

In many respects, the main character of Neil Gaiman's novel is America. In his understanding, the "melting pot" is a profoundly spiritual place because it has embraced so many different spirits. Write an essay on the topic of the novel as a treatise celebrating America's spiritual past. What faiths does the narrative encompass? What value does it assign each? Is one more important than the others? Do you think that Gaiman, a Brit, presents a largely positive or negative picture of America in AMERICAN GODS? Why or why not?

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