American Gods Character Descriptions

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Shadow Moon

This character is regularly visited by the spirit of his dead wife.

Laura Moon

This character is returned to the land of the living with the help of a leprechaun coin.

Mr. Wednesday

This character offers the protagonist a job on a plane.

Mad Sweeney

When this character dies, the police assume he is a homeless wino.


This character wins the right to hit another character with a sledgehammer after a game of checkers.

Mr. Ibis

This character keeps the journal that includes the tales of the gods coming over to America.

Mr. Jacquel

This character judges the protagonist's soul in the Hall of the Dead.

Low Key Lie-Smith/Loki

This character is a god who initially disguises himself as a prison inmate.

Richie Hinzelmann

This character was sacrificed as a child and became a god.

Chad Mulligan

This character is the chief of police...

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