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Chapter 1

• Shadow's wife, Laura, dies two days before he is to be released.
• Shadow meets Mr. Wednesday on his flight home.

• Bilquis devours a man with her vagina.

Chapter 2

• Shadow accepts a job from Wednesday.
• Shadow discovers that his wife had an affair.

• Shadow puts Mad Sweeney's coin in Laura's grave.

• Shadow is kidnapped by a sweaty, fat young man.

Chapter 3

• Laura Moon appears resurrected to Shadow Moon.
• Shadow tells Wednesday they can leave immediately.

• Vikings sacrifice a scraeling to Odin after arriving in America in 813 AD.

Chapter 4

• Wednesday wins Czernobog's service and loses his head in a game of Checkers.
• Zorya Polunochnyaya give Shadow a protective silver dollar.

• Essie Tregowen brings the myths of England to America in the eighteenth century.

Chapter 5

• Wednesday and Shadow run a scam on a bank.
• Wednesday and Shadow meet with Mr. Nancy at the House of the Rock and enter the...

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