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William Manchester
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of rifle did the Japanese infantry use during World War II?
(a) A 7.7-millimeter Arisaka rifle.
(b) A Toyoki rifle.
(c) A Springfield rifle.
(d) A Winchester rifle.

2. Why did MacArthur never send his men to battle on the island of Rabaul?
(a) The island had active volcanoes.
(b) The Japanese had the island filled with land mines.
(c) It was his strategy to attack elsewhere.
(d) The island was populated by cannibals.

3. Why didn't MacArthur use the strategy of island-hopping, i.e. hitting the enemy with direct frontal pressure in battle?
(a) He thought it caused too many casualties.
(b) He didn't have enough bombs and ships to succeed.
(c) He believed in doing the unexpected.
(d) There were too many islands and not enough men.

4. When was the Korean armistice signed?
(a) April 1, 1958.
(b) January 10, 1953.
(c) April 12, 1959.
(d) July 7, 1952.

5. Which two groups among the Filipino population did not ignore their Japanese invaders, unlike the rest of the population?
(a) The guerrillas and the collaborators.
(b) The poor farmers and the fishermen.
(c) The women and children.
(d) The aged and the infirm.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many Japanese lined the route to the airport when the MacArthurs departed from Tokyo in 1951?

2. With which branch of the military did MacArthur have conflict during the war in the Pacific?

3. What was the public reaction when MacArthur was dismissed?

4. How long did the British want the Americans to limit their Pacific objectives during World War II?

5. How did the media and the public respond once MacArthur broke through the blockade?

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