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William Manchester
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Since the Filipino schools had been demolished during the Japanese occupation, who did the MacArthurs hire to teach Arthur upon their return to the islands?
(a) A former Filipino teacher.
(b) An Australian soldier who was once a teacher.
(c) A private English teacher, Mrs. Phyllis Gibbons.
(d) An American soldier who was once a teacher.

2. What important dignitary did Jean MacArthur entertain in New Guinea in 1942 since Douglas was away at Port Moresby at the time?
(a) Clark Gable.
(b) Eleanor Roosevelt.
(c) The Queen of England.
(d) President Truman.

3. Why did the government officials decide to remove MacArthur from command in Korea?
(a) He was needed more in Germany.
(b) He got shot and was physically disabled.
(c) He was losing the war.
(d) He ignored the President and asked China to surrender.

4. How did the wily MacArthur label the box containing his tea service, candelabra, and other personal items so that the box survived the attack on Manila?
(a) Poison - do not touch.
(b) Beware of snakes.
(c) Medical Supplies - for shipment to Tokyo.
(d) Official business - Japanese Army.

5. What were the kempei-tai?
(a) The Philippine guerillas.
(b) The Philippine senators.
(c) The Japanese secret police.
(d) The Japanese infantry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was MacArthur's goal for Korea?

2. What did MacArthur use against Japanese ships near New Guinea to cut off Japanese supplies and reinforcements?

3. What did the Japanese do to punish Filipino guerrillas who fought against them?

4. What Japanese government document did MacArthur help write?

5. After capturing Seoul, what kind of reforms did MacArthur want to establish there?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was public opinion of MacArthur like once he broke through the Japanese blockade in March, 1942?

2. Why did wealthy Filipinos collaborate with the Japanese during World War II?

3. At the beginning of the Korean War, what factors were against the American troops?

4. How was the everyday life of the Filipinos affected by the war and the Japanese occupation?

5. What kind of authority did MacArthur have in Japan after the surrender of Hirohito?

6. How important did MacArthur consider airplanes and aerial assaults during the War in the Pacific?

7. What conflicts did MacArthur and Truman have as the Korean War progressed?

8. How did MacArthur befuddle the Japanese forces at Rabaul, and how did his unexpected behavior affect the Japanese?

9. What changes in Korea in the late 1940's indicated that a war might be imminent?

10. Who wanted MacArthur to run for President against Roosevelt in 1944 and how did MacArthur claim to feel about politics at that time?

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