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William Manchester
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did MacArthur treat Manuel Roxas, a known Japanese collaborator, after liberating the Philippines from Japanese rule?
(a) He exonerated Roxas.
(b) He exiled Roxas.
(c) He executed Roxas.
(d) He imprisoned Roxas.

2. Why didn't MacArthur think China could conduct a war in Korea?
(a) China lacked the industrial capacity to conduct a war.
(b) China didn't want Korea.
(c) China lacked the funds for a war.
(d) China didn't have enough soldiers for war.

3. Why did MacArthur never send his men to battle on the island of Rabaul?
(a) The Japanese had the island filled with land mines.
(b) The island was populated by cannibals.
(c) The island had active volcanoes.
(d) It was his strategy to attack elsewhere.

4. Which of the following abilities did not fall within MacArthur's range of authority in Japan after the war?
(a) He could become president of Japan.
(b) He had authority over the function of Hirohito.
(c) He could outlaw political parties.
(d) He could dissolve the Diet.

5. What was MacArthur instructed to do for the South Koreans when the Korean War erupted?
(a) Supply and support them.
(b) Shoot them.
(c) Imprison them.
(d) Train them to fight.

6. What was MacArthur's goal for Korea?
(a) To keep the Chinese out of it.
(b) To keep communism out of South Korea.
(c) To unite North and South Korea as one nation.
(d) To take it over for the United States.

7. What did MacArthur tell the press would happen in Korea if he didn't receive more troops?
(a) He would resign.
(b) The Korean situation would end in a stalemate.
(c) The Chinese would invade.
(d) The North Koreans would win.

8. About what did Truman and MacArthur disagree during the Korean war?
(a) The battle plans for the war.
(b) The necessity of the war.
(c) The weapons to use in the war.
(d) The amount of support MacArthur received for the war.

9. When did the communist invasion of South Korea and fighting between North and South Korea begin?
(a) July 24, 1950.
(b) March 13, 1953.
(c) October 8, 1960.
(d) February 12, 1959.

10. Which of the following does not describe an aspect of life in the Philippines in 1944?
(a) Eight languages and eighty-odd dialects spoken.
(b) A large coal mining industry.
(c) Warriors hunting game with bows and arrows.
(d) Waterfalls and volcanoes on the islands.

11. What factors helped the Japanese succeed in the Pacific during World War II?
(a) They were well equipped with petroleum and raw materials.
(b) They had more men and more planes.
(c) They had better technology and faster ships.
(d) They had better trained and better equipped soldiers.

12. Which of the following statements does not describe the opinions of MacArthur and the Joint Chiefs of Staff about policy in Korea?
(a) MacArthur and the Joint Chiefs of Staff agreed.
(b) MacArthur wanted the U.S. position strengthened.
(c) MacArthur and the Joint Chiefs of Staff disagreed.
(d) The Joint Chiefs wanted to keep the current policy.

13. What was Dai Ichi?
(a) MacArthur's headquarters in Japan.
(b) A city in Japan.
(c) MacArthur's Japanese butler.
(d) A city in the Philippines occupied by the Americans.

14. When America entered the Korean War, what did President Truman worry about?
(a) Retaliation in other places from the communists.
(b) Losing the war.
(c) Paying for the war.
(d) The Germans joining North Korea against America.

15. What did MacArthur say a nation should do if it wasn't willing to make the full military commitment to winning a war?
(a) It should dissolve its army.
(b) It shouldn't fight.
(c) It shouldn't be surprised to lose.
(d) It should dissolve itself.

Short Answer Questions

1. With which Navy admiral did MacArthur frequently come into conflict?

2. What nickname did Jean MacArthur use for her husband in her letters to him?

3. How many days after the surrender of the Japanese did MacArthur enter Tokyo?

4. Who did President Truman appoint as Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (SCAP) in Japan?

5. How high was the Anglo-American commitment of military resources to the Pacific?

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