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William Manchester
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did MacArthur fly to Seoul On August 15, 1948?
(a) The South Koreans gave him a victory parade.
(b) The South Korean president was being inaugurated.
(c) For a vacation.
(d) For his wife's birthday.

2. Which two groups among the Filipino population did not ignore their Japanese invaders, unlike the rest of the population?
(a) The women and children.
(b) The guerrillas and the collaborators.
(c) The poor farmers and the fishermen.
(d) The aged and the infirm.

3. When did MacArthur return to the Rock after having to flee it when the Japanese attacked in 1941?
(a) June 15, 1950.
(b) October 3, 1945.
(c) August 7, 1948.
(d) March 2, 1944.

4. Why did MacArthur never send his men to battle on the island of Rabaul?
(a) The island had active volcanoes.
(b) It was his strategy to attack elsewhere.
(c) The Japanese had the island filled with land mines.
(d) The island was populated by cannibals.

5. When was the Korean armistice signed?
(a) April 12, 1959.
(b) April 1, 1958.
(c) January 10, 1953.
(d) July 7, 1952.

6. What did MacArthur tell the press would happen in Korea if he didn't receive more troops?
(a) He would resign.
(b) The Korean situation would end in a stalemate.
(c) The North Koreans would win.
(d) The Chinese would invade.

7. Which of the following statements does not describe the opinions of MacArthur and the Joint Chiefs of Staff about policy in Korea?
(a) MacArthur and the Joint Chiefs of Staff disagreed.
(b) MacArthur and the Joint Chiefs of Staff agreed.
(c) The Joint Chiefs wanted to keep the current policy.
(d) MacArthur wanted the U.S. position strengthened.

8. What was Dai Ichi?
(a) MacArthur's Japanese butler.
(b) A city in the Philippines occupied by the Americans.
(c) A city in Japan.
(d) MacArthur's headquarters in Japan.

9. What Japanese government document did MacArthur help write?
(a) A peace treaty with America.
(b) A trade agreement with the United Nations.
(c) A new tax law.
(d) A new constitution.

10. What did MacArthur say a nation should do if it wasn't willing to make the full military commitment to winning a war?
(a) It should dissolve its army.
(b) It should dissolve itself.
(c) It shouldn't be surprised to lose.
(d) It shouldn't fight.

11. Who was named commander of the Pacific Ocean Areas in 1942?
(a) Admiral Maynard.
(b) Admiral Halsey.
(c) Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.
(d) Admiral King.

12. When the Soviet Union announced in 1949 that it had moved its forces out of North Korea, what did that nation expect the United States to do in response?
(a) Invade North Korea.
(b) Invade China.
(c) Remove U.S. forces from South Korea.
(d) Remove U.S. forces from Germany.

13. To where did MacArthur move his advance base once he had the Japanese in retreat?
(a) To Moresby.
(b) To Philadelphia.
(c) To Amsterdam.
(d) To Honolulu.

14. After the surrender of the Japanese, how did MacArthur address the citizens of the United States to inform them that the world was at peace?
(a) Via radio.
(b) Via a telegram.
(c) Via television satellite.
(d) Via telegraph.

15. What country did MacArthur think would have fallen to the Japanese if Corregidor had not held out?
(a) Australia.
(b) New Zealand.
(c) England.
(d) The United States.

Short Answer Questions

1. After capturing Seoul, what kind of reforms did MacArthur want to establish there?

2. What was MacArthur instructed to do for the South Koreans when the Korean War erupted?

3. How many Japanese lined the route to the airport when the MacArthurs departed from Tokyo in 1951?

4. When America entered the Korean War, what did President Truman worry about?

5. What was the public reaction when MacArthur was dismissed?

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