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William Manchester
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How high was the Anglo-American commitment of military resources to the Pacific?
(a) Fifty percent.
(b) Ten percent.
(c) Thirty percent.
(d) Fifteen percent.

2. What allowed the Allies to successfully thwart the Japanese in the Pacific?
(a) American code-breakers broke Japanese code.
(b) The Americans had more planes.
(c) The Japanese men got homesick and surrendered.
(d) The Japanese contracted a deadly virus.

3. At the end of the Korean War, where was the line between North and South Korea?
(a) It extended fifty more miles into South Korea.
(b) It extended fifty more miles into North Korea.
(c) It remained at the 38th Parallel.
(d) It had been eradicated and there was only one Korea.

4. How did The United Nations Security Council respond to the invasion of South Korea by North Korea?
(a) They supported the invasion.
(b) They condemned the aggression.
(c) They imposed economic sanctions on both Koreas.
(d) They ignored the conflict.

5. After the surrender of the Japanese, how did MacArthur address the citizens of the United States to inform them that the world was at peace?
(a) Via a telegram.
(b) Via radio.
(c) Via television satellite.
(d) Via telegraph.

6. Which two groups among the Filipino population did not ignore their Japanese invaders, unlike the rest of the population?
(a) The guerrillas and the collaborators.
(b) The women and children.
(c) The aged and the infirm.
(d) The poor farmers and the fishermen.

7. What were the kempei-tai?
(a) The Japanese infantry.
(b) The Philippine senators.
(c) The Philippine guerillas.
(d) The Japanese secret police.

8. What title was MacArthur given on April 18, 1942?
(a) Secretary of War.
(b) Commander in Chief of the Philippines.
(c) Commander in Chief of the Southwest Pacific Area.
(d) Governor of the Philippines.

9. To where did MacArthur move his advance base once he had the Japanese in retreat?
(a) To Philadelphia.
(b) To Honolulu.
(c) To Amsterdam.
(d) To Moresby.

10. What were "Sherman carpets"?
(a) U.S. Sherman tanks.
(b) A type of shag carpet favored by General Sherman.
(c) Japanese children who were suicide tank bombers.
(d) Tank drivers.

11. What did MacArthur use against Japanese ships near New Guinea to cut off Japanese supplies and reinforcements?
(a) Nuclear weapons.
(b) Nerve gas.
(c) Bombs dropped by air.
(d) Submarines.

12. Which Filipino leader formed a pro-Japanese regime and declared war on the United States and Great Britain?
(a) Manuel Quezon.
(b) Jose Laurel.
(c) Manuel Roxas.
(d) Felipe Garcia.

13. Who was MacArthur's greatest friend and confidante during the war, the person with whom he spent as much time as possible?
(a) Dwight D. Eisenhower.
(b) His wife Jean.
(c) Harry Truman.
(d) Winston Churchill.

14. How many Japanese lined the route to the airport when the MacArthurs departed from Tokyo in 1951?
(a) One quarter million.
(b) Eight thousand.
(c) One thousand.
(d) Two hundred.

15. When America entered the Korean War, what did President Truman worry about?
(a) Retaliation in other places from the communists.
(b) The Germans joining North Korea against America.
(c) Paying for the war.
(d) Losing the war.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Quezon designate as his successor as president of the Philippines should he and Osmeña be killed during their flight to Australia?

2. How many days after the surrender of the Japanese did MacArthur enter Tokyo?

3. What was MacArthur instructed to do for the South Koreans when the Korean War erupted?

4. Who was named commander of the Pacific Ocean Areas in 1942?

5. What country did MacArthur think would have fallen to the Japanese if Corregidor had not held out?

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