American Caesar, Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

William Manchester
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Chapter Abstracts

* General Douglas MacArthur is described as one of the best soldiers the United States ever had.

* MacArthur received twenty-two medals during the course of his career and is described as being extraordinarily brave while serving in three great wars.

* MacArthur was known as Dugout Doug to his men.

* MacArthur considered himself an Episcopalian even though he did not attend church and viewed himself as equal to the Pope as a defender of Christianity.

* MacArthur yearned for acceptance by the public but did not receive it because of his acceptance of the press.

* MacArthur believed in social justice and tried to act according to his beliefs.

* MacArthur was twice married and kept a Eurasian mistress in between his marriage.

* People either liked or disliked MacArthur.

* It was rare to find someone who didn't have an opinion of MacArthur, and some people compared him to Alexander...

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