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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what task in the hospital does Carlos help?
(a) Caring for other patients
(b) Surgery
(c) Spending time working at the information desk
(d) Reading to children who have tuberculosis

2. In what has Carlos' faith been restored?
(a) Philippines
(b) Traditions and culture
(c) America
(d) His family

3. Why is Carlos having more surgery?
(a) To treat the spreading tuberculosis
(b) To treat his knee
(c) To be able to live with Eileen
(d) To treat his syphilis

4. With whom do Carlos and Jose want to call a meeting?
(a) The striking workers in Stockton
(b) Employers of Filipinos
(c) Filipino labor leaders
(d) All of their family and friends

5. Where does Carlos go to escape his own reality?
(a) To Jose's house
(b) Hospital
(c) Public library
(d) To Eileen's house

6. How does Carlos travel?
(a) Walking
(b) Train
(c) Car
(d) Bus

7. What good news does Carlos receive in regard to his writing?
(a) He will become a war correspondent
(b) He will get a byline in Ganzo's newspaper
(c) A publisher wants to publish his book of poems
(d) A newspaper wants him to become a regular writer

8. How does Carlos travel to Bakersfield?
(a) Box car
(b) With Amado
(c) He walks
(d) With Jose

9. Which of the following is not an accurate description of Macario in Chapter 44?
(a) Well enough to work
(b) Old looking
(c) Ill
(d) Haggard

10. Where does Carlos find Nick after he leaves Portland?
(a) Seattle
(b) Los Angeles
(c) San Jose
(d) Alaska

11. What does Carlos start as he moves around?
(a) New job opportunities for workers
(b) New newspapers
(c) Worker's schools
(d) New organizations to get citizenship for Filipinos

12. Who begins visiting Carlos after Alice leaves?
(a) Felix
(b) Eileen
(c) Marian
(d) Macario

13. Which of the following characters does Carlos find in Monterey?
(a) Amado
(b) Jose
(c) Nick
(d) Ganzo

14. Where do Carlos and Macario move once they are evicted?
(a) Alaska
(b) Home to the Philippines
(c) New apartment
(d) Hotel

15. Which of the following characters is not living in Carlos' apartment in Los Angeles?
(a) Jose
(b) Nick
(c) Amado
(d) Victor

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Carlos believe can never be destroyed?

2. Which of the following best describes Carlos' understanding of his illness and diagnosis?

3. How does Carlos get the money that he gives to Macario?

4. What type of crop is harvested in San Fernando?

5. What does Carlos not write?

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