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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first victory the Filipinos win in their battle for civil rights?
(a) Proclamation allowing Filipinos to fight in the armed forces
(b) Proclamation allowing Filipinos to become citizens
(c) Proclamation allowing Filipinos to live in America without police involvement
(d) Proclamation allowing Filipinos to form labor unions

2. To whom does Ann Dozier direct Jose and Carlos?
(a) Poetry club
(b) Labor union
(c) Public library
(d) A Filipino communist

3. Where does Carlos find Amado?
(a) He never finds Amado
(b) Hospital
(c) Mexican bar
(d) Portland

4. What do Carlos, Jose and Macario find themselves in the middle of at the bar?
(a) Argument
(b) Debate
(c) Brawl
(d) Police sting

5. What does Carlos write that is published?
(a) Nothing
(b) Stories about the Philippines
(c) Short stories
(d) Poetry

6. Who does Carlos turn over the classes to when he leaves?
(a) Jose
(b) Ganzo
(c) One of the workers
(d) No one, they die off when he leaves

7. What type of crop is harvested in San Fernando?
(a) Tomato
(b) Grapes
(c) Lettuce
(d) Citrus

8. Where is Carlos' work beginning to get published?
(a) China
(b) Canada
(c) Manila
(d) Seattle

9. Where do Carlos and Macario move once they are evicted?
(a) Home to the Philippines
(b) New apartment
(c) Alaska
(d) Hotel

10. How does Carlos travel?
(a) Train
(b) Bus
(c) Car
(d) Walking

11. Which of the following is not true about Carlos?
(a) His recovery is slow
(b) He continues his relationship with Eileen
(c) He continues to read many books
(d) He is transferred to a sanitarium

12. How do Ronald and Carlos meet?
(a) Ronald lends Carlos his magazine to read
(b) Carlos writes about Ronald
(c) A Jewish girl introduces them
(d) Ronald writes about Carlos

13. In what has Carlos' faith been restored?
(a) His family
(b) Philippines
(c) America
(d) Traditions and culture

14. Which of the following characters is not living in Carlos' apartment in Los Angeles?
(a) Nick
(b) Victor
(c) Amado
(d) Jose

15. Which of the following is not included in what Macario leaves for Carlos?
(a) Picture of himself
(b) $200
(c) Social security card
(d) $25

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following would have been taught in one of Carlos' classes?

2. What does Ganzo tell Carlos to keep doing?

3. What does Carlos do to support the cause of citizenship for Filipinos?

4. Who does Carlos try to find, but is unsuccessful?

5. When does Carlos leave?

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