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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What traditionally happens when a new presidente (mayor) is elected in a city?
(a) The new mayor interviews all old employees and keeps only those that he likes
(b) All old employees are fired
(c) All old employees are killed
(d) They are forced to leave their country and go to America

2. What does Carlos do with all of his money?
(a) Gives it to Amado
(b) Opens a restaurant
(c) Loses it gambling
(d) Opens a bakery

3. With whom is Nick running a literary magazine in Los Angeles?
(a) Max
(b) Felix
(c) Pascual
(d) Carlos

4. How does Carlos know that a revolt is about to begin?
(a) His little sisters tell him
(b) He sees the police lining up in the fields
(c) Felix tells him
(d) His mother tells him

5. What work does Carlos get in Moxee City?
(a) Farm worker
(b) None
(c) Apple picker
(d) Fisherman

6. Where does Carlos' father go to try to retrieve his land?
(a) Court
(b) Mayor
(c) Absentee landlord
(d) His son

7. Which of the following characters keeps a roof over everyone's head by selling tickets at a dance hall?
(a) Manuel
(b) Jose
(c) Leon
(d) Victor

8. Where does Carlos end up after he gets on the second train with the girl?
(a) Chinatown
(b) Portland
(c) Reno
(d) Stockton

9. How does Carlos learn of the death of his father?
(a) From his brother Amado
(b) From his family when he returns home for a visit
(c) A letter from his cousin
(d) A letter from his mother

10. What job must Carlos father take on after he realizes he has no land?
(a) Banker
(b) Day laborer
(c) Baker
(d) Farmer

11. What develops in Carlos as a direct result of his family losing its land?
(a) Social awareness
(b) Poor attitude
(c) Illegal behavior
(d) Increased education

12. What does Juan Cablaan give Carlos?
(a) Books
(b) Shoes
(c) Suitcase
(d) Ticket to America

13. What is Pascual's final wish?
(a) To move toward socialism
(b) To return to the Philippines
(c) To move to San Francisco
(d) To have Carlos take over the newspaper

14. What organization does Carlos try to help Jose keep together?
(a) Pascual's Newspaper
(b) Labor Movement
(c) Filipino Workers' Association
(d) The New Tide

15. What does Carlos find his mother doing when he finally finds her?
(a) Selling beans
(b) Taking care of his siblings
(c) Caring for his ill father
(d) Plowing

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lucille move the newspaper after Pascual dies?

2. Of what nationality is the woman who owns the restaurant where Carlos hangs out?

3. Where is Carlos told to go to look for his brother?

4. Who does Carlos discover has a true hatred of Filipinos?

5. What happens during the meeting the Filipino Workers' Association holds outside of the town limits?

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