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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is a gambling game?
(a) Qui-Pi
(b) PeeCue
(c) Pi-Q
(d) Pie Queen

2. What book does Macario read to Carlos?
(a) Titantic
(b) Black Beauty
(c) Robinson Crusoe
(d) Treasure Island

3. On what does the family spend all of its money?
(a) Food, clothes and health checkups
(b) New animals to help on the farm
(c) Macario's school expenses
(d) Buying new hectares of land

4. What does the younger generation in the Philippines want?
(a) Social equality among all classes
(b) More land to farm
(c) More rights for farmers
(d) Change and national independence

5. What does Carlos' father turn to when he loses the court case about his land?
(a) Drinking
(b) Mayor
(c) America
(d) His son

6. Where does Carlos' father go to try to retrieve his land?
(a) Absentee landlord
(b) Court
(c) His son
(d) Mayor

7. What work does Carlos get in Moxee City?
(a) Fisherman
(b) Apple picker
(c) Farm worker
(d) None

8. What causes the strike to gain momentum?
(a) Jose's involvement
(b) Pascaul's death
(c) The death threats
(d) Carlos' involvement

9. How does Carlos' cousin show him how to meet girls?
(a) Dance with them
(b) Call over to them
(c) Avoid all eye contact with them
(d) Walk up and stand in front of them

10. Which character has his feet severed by a train?
(a) Carlos
(b) Frank
(c) Lodi
(d) Jose

11. What happens when the Filipino workers strike?
(a) Mexican workers are brought in
(b) Farmers go bankrupt
(c) People are killed
(d) Filipino interest and their workers' association grows stronger

12. What does Juan Cablaan give Carlos?
(a) Books
(b) Ticket to America
(c) Suitcase
(d) Shoes

13. Who cares for Carlos' father in his illness?
(a) Luciano
(b) His brothers
(c) Francisca, the six-year-old
(d) His mother

14. What do five white men do to Jose and Carlos?
(a) Take them away to Mexico
(b) Kidnap them
(c) Bribe them
(d) Kill them

15. What is Pascual's final wish?
(a) To move to San Francisco
(b) To return to the Philippines
(c) To have Carlos take over the newspaper
(d) To move toward socialism

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Julio and Carlos flee the orchard?

2. What happens when the strikers try to prevent the transport of the produce?

3. How does Carlos feel about returning to the city of his birth and the old family home?

4. Where does Carlos' ship dock in America?

5. Where is Carlos told to go to look for his brother?

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