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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapter 1 | Part 1, Chapter 2)


Part 1, Chapter 1 | Part 1, Chapter 2

The students will be able to identify and use descriptive language.


Possible Activities:

• Have the students look through this chapter to locate specific examples of descriptive language (i.e., descriptions of the Philippine peasant's lifestyle and surroundings). Have them share these with the class and be prepared to explain why they believe the section is a good example of descriptive language.

• Provide the students with sentences from the chapter which are lacking in much description. Have them add descriptive language to the sentences to make them good examples of descriptive language.

• Have the students identify portions of the text which are descriptive enough so that they can be visualized by the reader. Have the students read each out loud and have the rest of the students draw a picture of what they envision after the student is finished reading. Share with...

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