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Short Answer Questions

1. Who went downtown and saw Luke the night before the first scene?

2. During the first act, Brother Boxer tell his wife and Sister Moore that he's heard that David's father is back in town. Where is David's father reportedly working?

3. What happens when Luke starts to leave during Act I?

4. What is Brother Boxer's first name?

5. The set for "The Amen Corner contains what components?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Sister Douglass from Act II.

2. Where did Brother Boxer see David early in Act II? What was David doing?

3. What is David's fear of staying with his mother in Act III?

4. What jazz musicians does David compare his father to after confessing to listening to his records in Act II?

5. Describe what Margaret sees when she first enters the church in Act III.

6. What does Sister Sally have to say in Act II about traveling to Philadelphia?

7. Why does Odessa refer to Sister Moore as "poor Sister Moore" in Act III?

8. In Act II, Luke insists that he heard David playing piano one day during the week. How did he know?

9. Describe the opening of Act III.

10. How does Margaret respond after Luke dies?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The new refrigerator is mentioned throughout the play. In particular, Brother Boxer focuses on it, starting with "This ain't no icebox, this is a Frigidaire." What does the refrigerator symbolize?

Essay Topic 2

Symbolism is used during "The Amen Corner." Baldwin makes a point of saying that Ida Jackson is "not dressed in white" in Act I and that Sisters Moore and Boxer are dressed in white in the final act. Discuss the use of and meaning of the color white.

Essay Topic 3

Margaret makes a big deal that people can't be truly holy if their minds on other things like reading comics or driving liquor trucks as part of their job. What else in "The Amen Corner" is showed as something that keeps people from being holy?

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