The Amen Corner Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Explain the layout of Sister Margaret Alexander's home and the church and their relationship to each other in this play. Be sure to define any theatrical terms.

The church and apartment are connect to one another. The church is located stage right, which is the actor's right as he/she looks at the audience. The apartment is at stage left, which is the actor's left as he/she looks at the audience.

2. Describe the church in "The Amen Corner."

The main focal point of the church is the pulpit sitting on a platform. Also on the platform is a throne-like chair and an open bible. At the right of the pulpit is a piano. Below the pulpit is the offering table and two chairs on either side. Camp chairs face the pulpit.

3. Describe the Alexander home in the play.

The main room is the kitchen with a table holding dishes. A new Frigidaire is prominent. A small bedroom includes a bed, hassock, and chairs. It has a door that leads to the rest of the house. A staircase is seen that leads to the church.

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