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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first to begin singing in Act II?
(a) Margaret.
(b) Sister Rice.
(c) Sister Moore.
(d) Sister Boxer.

2. When Luke appears in Act I, how long does he say he'll be in town for?
(a) For the rest of his life.
(b) A couple of days.
(c) A week.
(d) A couple of weeks.

3. Why didn't David know much about his father's musical career?
(a) David thought his father was dead.
(b) David didn't know his father was a musician.
(c) David didn't have a phonograph to listen to his records.
(d) David thought his father was in jail.

4. Who says in Act II, "The way that box is going, you wouldn't of hear the Holy Ghost come in"?
(a) Odessa.
(b) Sister Moore.
(c) Sister Boxer.
(d) Margaret.

5. The author had only one published work before "The Amen Corner." What was it?
(a) Giovanni's Room.
(b) Notes on a Native Song.
(c) Another Country.
(d) Go Tell It on the Mountain.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Act II Sister Boxer and Margaret argue about the difference between having trumpets and drums in church and what?

2. What are the two collection plates made of?

3. After Margaret slaps David in Act III, what does he do?

4. According to Odessa in Act III, every time that woman doesn't know if she's coming or going, what's going on nearby?

5. After speaking to Ida Jackson, Margaret speaks to her sister, who recommends that she do what?

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