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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Margaret and Odessa agree that Brother Boxer doesn't have any right to be doing?
(a) Sitting in front of the television.
(b) Not helping his wife with the house.
(c) Driving a liquor truck.
(d) Smoking and drinking.

2. What hope did Luke reveal to David during Act II?
(a) That Luke would have grandchildren.
(b) That they would play music together.
(c) That they would travel together.
(d) That they would live together again.

3. In talking about the events that occurred ten years ago, Luke says that they were cursed for what reason?
(a) Being poor.
(b) Not going to church.
(c) Enjoying life.
(d) Being in love.

4. When Sister Moore asks if there's anyone who needs "the Lord's especial attention," who comes forward?
(a) Ida Jackson.
(b) Luke Alexander.
(c) Odessa.
(d) Agnes.

5. In Act II, when does David say that he stopped believing?
(a) When some men approached him about playing music.
(b) When he started going to music school.
(c) When he started lying to his mother.
(d) When he turned 18.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells David that he has a natural gift for music?

2. Who says in Act II, "The way that box is going, you wouldn't of hear the Holy Ghost come in"?

3. Who defends Margaret to the others in Act II?

4. What type of set is used in "The Amen Corner"?

5. What happens when Luke starts to leave during Act I?

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