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Act 1

• The play begins in a church where members are singing a gospel song.

• The pastor, Margaret Alexander, starts her sermon with a story about King Hezekiah sending for the prophet Isaiah to guide him in spiritual matters.

• Margaret sums up the story by saying that when there's trouble, people choose people of God to help them.

• In order to help others, Margaret tells the congregation that they must lead holy lives.

• According to Margaret, reading the comics and driving a truck for a liquor company aren't being holy.

• After singing another song, Sister Moore, a church elder comes up.

• Sister Moore tells the congregation that their pastor will be leaving that day to help at a Philadelphia church.

• After the congregation sings another song, Sister Moore asks if anyone needs special attention.

• A young woman, Ida Jackson, walks forward with a sick baby.

• After explaining that she's...

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