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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character has the most sexual tension surrounding them?

2. When Joe leaves a note, who does he sign it as from?

3. Where does Joe sail to when he comes to America?

4. In the first comic, who does The Escapist knock down?

5. Where is Sammy's first apartment located?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the party that Sammy and Joe attend.

2. Describe the role of Sammy's father in his life.

3. How does Joe interpret Sammy and Rosa's marriage?

4. What does the Golem represent?

5. Describe Sammy and Joe's skills and abilities.

6. In what way does Joe's life imitate art?

7. Describe Sammy and Rosa's relationship in Part IV.

8. What does Joe use as an escape?

9. What passion does Joe put into creating Luna Moth?

10. What is Tommy's view of the adults around him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What qualities does a hero posses? How does the story reveal these qualities? Are these qualities present in the characters of the story? Would Sammy and Joe be considered heroes? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Describe society's view of comics in the story. Why do they think this way? Do you think this is a realistic interpretation of the way society thought in 1939? Why or why not? What type of media might be comparable to comic books for the modern age?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Sammy and then describe Joe. Which characters is stronger? Why? What weaknesses does each character possess? What role do these play in the story?

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