Objects & Places from The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

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Object Descriptions

Palooka Studios - This is the apartment of Jerry and several other young men.

The Golem - This is the legendary superhero who defends the Jewish community of Prague during the Middle Ages.

The Escapist, Tom Mayflower - This is a superhero with the ability to help others escape from oppression and captivity.

The Golden Key, the League of the Golden Key - This is given to a man named Tom Mayflower.

The Escapist Radio Show - This is sponsored by Industrialist James Love.

The Empire State Building - This is the site of the new offices of Empire Comics.

The 86th Floor Observatory Deck - This is a popular tourist site where the Empire Jumper jumps from.

The Iron Chain Organization or Gang - This is the rival of an organization and is dedicated to oppression and evil.

Luna Moth, Judy Dark - This is a...

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