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Objective: Part I, to p. 39 Joe's background is significant to the story, and this is apparent in the amount of background information provided about him. Joe is from Prague, and his family is in danger because the Nazis have so much power during this time. Joe's background and past directly influence his character's actions and motivations. This lesson will focus on Joe's background.

1. Class discussion: How are Joe's motivations shown to be a direct result of his history? Consider Joe's family in Prague. How does Joe's family continue to influence his decisions and actions? What does Joe do in an effort to save his family? How is it clear that Joe's family is important to him?

2. Reading group discussion: Joe trained at age 14 to become a magician with Kornblum. Why is this significant information? What do you think it foreshadows? What skills, such as picking locks, do...

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