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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was an influential teacher of Salieri?

2. In what language does Salieri speak when he is excited, according to one of the Venticelli?

3. To what does Salieri compare the opening measures of the music he hears?

4. Into which well-known piece does Mozart transform Salieri's march of welcome?

5. What does Constanze accuse her husband of doing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Comment on the philosophical contrast between Mozart and Van Swieten and Von Strack.

2. What is the significance of 'the figure in gray' that haunts Mozart's dreams?

3. What is Salieri hinting at when he says his servants will be 'even more surprised tomorrow'?

4. What significant observations about art does Salieri make?

5. What is important about the discussion between Von Strack, Rosenberg and Van Swieten?

6. What is the significance of Salieri's words: " alone was empowered to recognize them for what they were'?

7. What is the significance of the golden light that bathes the Emperor and his court?

8. How does Salieri's power over Mozart intensify?

9. What happens in this scene to essentially perform the coup-de-grace for Mozart?

10. What does Constanze's response to her husband's accusations tell us about her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the character of Salieri and compare and contrast him with Mozart. You might want to consider the morals and motivation of each man.

Essay Topic 2

'Salieri is almost an archetypal hypocrite.' What is a hypocrite and does Salieri qualify for this label? Who else in Amadeus can be described as a Hypocrite? How does the behavior of such individuals affect others? Respond with close reference to the play.

Essay Topic 3

'The real tragedy is Salieri's. He kills nothing but his own soul.' Do you agree?

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