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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Salieri's reaction to the young couple's goings-on?

2. How does Mozart insult Count Orsini-Rosenberg?

3. In the context of the play, how long has it been since Mozart's death?

4. What animal is Mozart pretending to be?

5. Which character receives a kiss from Salieri?

Short Essay Questions

1. What attitude towards the Emperor does Salieri display in the first scene of this section of the play?

2. What is the problem with Salieri's drive for fame?

3. In what ways does Salieri work to undermine Mozart in this section of the play?

4. Comment on the conflict in this library scene.

5. What is important about the discussion between Von Strack, Rosenberg and Van Swieten?

6. In what way does Salieri claim to be different from his parents?

7. What does his comment about his requirement in a wife reveal about Salieri's character?

8. What is the significance of the golden light that bathes the Emperor and his court?

9. What does this scene show us of Mozart's talent?

10. Why do reports about Mozart unsettle Salieri?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore the way in which jealousy is dealt with in Amadeus. How has this affected the lives of at least TWO characters? You might like to consider the effects on personality as well as life outcome.

Essay Topic 2

In what ways is Amadeus a struggle between the forces of innovation and the power of convention? Make close reference to the text.

Essay Topic 3

'A study of evil, tempered by humor.' Is this a view of Amadeus that you agree with? Discus with close reference to the text.

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