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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Emperor say would be fun?
(a) Fetes and fireworks in the courtyard.
(b) A competition between Mozart and some other virtuoso.
(c) A competition between Mozart and Haydn.
(d) A comic opera by Mozart.

2. What word does Mozart use to describe the singer he has engaged to play the lead in his opera?
(a) Exquisite.
(b) Extroverted.
(c) Extra talented.
(d) Excessively beautiful.

3. What is ironic about court musicians and their employers?
(a) The music is forgettable because the Emperor will pass away.
(b) Everyone is mediocre and everything is a waste of time.
(c) The music will be remembered long after the politics of the time is forgotten.
(d) Rich people are mediocre.

4. What is Baron Van Swieten's nickname?
(a) 'Pianocello.'
(b) 'Lord Fugue.'
(c) 'Wolferl.'
(d) 'Lord Van Fugue.'

5. In the context of the play, how long has it been since Mozart's death?
(a) Fifty-three years.
(b) Thirty-two years.
(c) Thirty-four years.
(d) Thirty years.

Short Answer Questions

1. Salieri describes the opera's music as an excellent match for what?

2. Into which well-known piece does Mozart transform Salieri's march of welcome?

3. How does Mozart insult Count Orsini-Rosenberg?

4. How could Constanze secure for husband the job of tutor to Princess Elizabeth?

5. Who is the lead singer Mozart has engaged?

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