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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Emperor's judgment of the opera.
(a) 'Too many songs.'
(b) 'Too many costumes.'
(c) 'Too many notes.'
(d) 'Too many high notes.'

2. What salary does Salieri recommend Mozart be paid?
(a) Two thousand florins a year.
(b) Two hundred florins a week.
(c) Two hundred florins a month.
(d) Two hundred florins a year.

3. What is holding up Wolfgang's and Constanze's marriage?
(a) They are trying to find a good apartment to rent.
(b) They are awaiting Leopold Mozart's permission.
(c) They are awaiting the Emperor's permission.
(d) They are still saving up for the reception.

4. When did Mozart first travel to London?
(a) When he was twenty.
(b) When he was a child.
(c) The previous year, for a concert tour.
(d) Mozart has never been to London.

5. What position is Mozart interested in applying for?
(a) Court Composer.
(b) Music teacher for Katharina Cavalieri.
(c) Music teacher for the Princess Elizabeth.
(d) Music supervisor for the Emperor.

Short Answer Questions

1. How could Constanze secure for husband the job of tutor to Princess Elizabeth?

2. How did Leopold Mozart respond to his son's request?

3. How does Salieri get his hands on some of Mozart's manuscripts?

4. How does Salieri feel after examining Mozart's manuscripts?

5. Who does Salieri claim is the inspiration for the Ghost in Don Giovanni?

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