Amadeus Character Descriptions

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Salieri - This character was once famous and celebrated, but fortune has frowned.

Katherina Cavalieri - By the end of the play, this once desirable singer with a liking for feathers has put on weight.

Joseph II, Emperor of Austria - This brother of Marie Antionette does not have an ear for complex music, according to Salieri.

The Venticelli ('Little Winds') - Characters who provide information and make comment at various points in the play.

Count Johan Kilian Von Strack - This member of the Emperor's court is often shut out of conversations because he can't understand Italian.

Count Franz Orsini-Rosenberg - As far as the audience for Amadeus is concerned, exposes himself to ridicule by his absurd orders to Mozart during Figaro's rehearsal.

Baron Gottfried Van Swietan - This character holds a post to which librarians might well aspire.

Constanze Weber Mozart - This long-suffering, loyal...

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