Amadeus Character Descriptions

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This character was once famous and celebrated, but fortune has frowned.

Katherina Cavalieri

By the end of the play, this once desirable singer with a liking for feathers has put on weight.

Joseph II, Emperor of Austria

This brother of Marie Antionette does not have an ear for complex music, according to Salieri.

The Venticelli ('Little Winds')

Characters who provide information and make comment at various points in the play.

Count Johan Kilian Von Strack

This member of the Emperor's court is often shut out of conversations because he can't understand Italian.

Count Franz Orsini-Rosenberg

As far as the audience for Amadeus is concerned, exposes himself to ridicule by his absurd orders to Mozart during Figaro's rehearsal.

Baron Gottfried Van Swietan

This character holds a post to which librarians might well aspire.

Constanze Weber Mozart

This long-suffering, loyal and loving character visits a spa at entirely the...

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