Always and Forever, Lara Jean Fun Activities

Jenny Han
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Always and Forever, Lara Jean is the third novel in a trilogy. The first two novels in this series have been adapted to film. Give students the opportunity to watch the films and discuss Lara Jean's backstory that is established prior to the opening of this novel.


Lara Jean is a dedicated scrapbooker and creates a scrapbook to give to Peter for a graduation gift. Create your own scrapbook detailing your life, friends, classes, etc.

Love Contract

Lara Jean and Peter have created more than one contract for their relationship, detailing their promises and expectations of one another. Create your own "love contract" detailing what you would want and expect and offer to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Lara Jean is an obsessive baker and focuses on creating a perfect chocolate chip cookie in this novel. Set aside a day in class for students to...

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