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Lesson 1 (from Prologue, Let's Play Make-Believe (1932))


Prologue, Let's Play Make-Believe (1932): This first lesson is focused on the Lindbergh kidnapping and the differences between the story version and the news version. The lesson also examines what the possible meanings of the differences are.


Many of these lessons use a journaling activity to focus the students for the day, or to focus their reading for homework. It is helpful if the students can have a dedicated notebook or section of their binder to keep their journal entries in.

1. Before class, make some copies of a news report or detailed report about the Lindbergh kidnapping so that the students can use it as a reference to tell the differences between the two versions.

2. As the students come into class, have them journal about why they think a section on the Lindbergh kidnapping was included in the beginning of the book. After the students have...

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