Along Came a Spider Character Descriptions

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Alex Cross - This character lives in one of the poorer sections of Washington, D.C. with his two children and grandmother.

Jezzie Flanagan - This character is a Secret Service agent whose parents were alcoholics.

Gary Murphy/Soneji - This character was, as a child, forced to stay in a dark basement for hours at a time.

Maggie Rose Dunne - This character is the child of a famous actress who was kidnapped from school.

Michael Goldberg - This character is the child of the Secretary of the Treasury and has a heart problem.

Nana Mama, Janine, and Damon - These characters are related to another character and live with each other in the same house.

Sampson - This character is the partner and conscience of another character.

Devine - This character has an intimate relationship with one of the other characters and is killed later...

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