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Prologue, Let's Play Make-Believe (1932)

• This novel is centered in Washington, D.C. on a police detective named Alex Cross.

• Cross and his partner are investigating a group of murders in the poor section of the capitol when they are suddenly pulled away to investigate a high profile kidnapping.

• Cross finds himself drawn into the kidnapping plot and eventually accuses his lover of murder.

• In New Jersey, near Princeton, March 1972: A young boy of twelve sneaks up to the Lindbergh farmhouse and watches as the Lindbergh's settle down to dinner.

• The young boy then climbs a ladder to the nursery window and steals 20-month-old Charles Lindbergh and runs less than two miles from the farmhouse before burying the baby alive.

Part One, Maggie Rose and Shrimpie Goldberg (1992), Chapters 1-5

• Alex Cross is a D.C. police detective and psychologist.

• Cross is playing piano on his porch when...

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