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Judith McNaught
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following best describes Ian's home?

2. After Ian kisses her on a long walk through the woods, why is Elizabeth overcome with embarrassment?

3. What does Alex promise to do before Elizabeth gets married?

4. Traditionally, who are the first people to retire after a wedding ceremony?

5. Who delivers the news to Elizabeth that she is no longer engaged to Sir Belhaven?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Elizabeth prefer to marry an older man?

2. What does Elizabeth's private investigator report to her on the morning of her wedding?

3. Why is Ian's relationship with his grandfather so strained?

4. How was Ian's family killed?

5. What explanation does Robert give to Elizabeth about his disappearance when he returns to Havenhurst?

6. How does the news from the private investigator affect Elizabeth's decisions on her wedding day?

7. How does Elizabeth prepare for her escape from Ian with Robert?

8. Why does Elizabeth constantly chide Ian about his spending habits?

9. Who demands that Elizabeth leave Ian's cottage and return to Havenhurst at once?

10. What is Elizabeth's initial reaction to Montmayne?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Gossip is used as a way to both ruin and repair Elizabeth's reputation in high society. First, create a list of rumors that are spread about Elizabeth throughout the course of the novel. Then, choose one scene in which gossip is used for good, and one scene in which gossip is used for ill, and compare / contrast the ways this gossip affected Elizabeth's life. What do you think is McNaught's overarching message about gossip in this novel?

Essay Topic 2

When Robert returns to Havenhurst after going missing for so many years, he returns with a mouth full of lies. First, create a list of the lies Robert spreads upon returning home. What do you think his motivations were in spreading all these terrible lies? Then, describe what happened to Elizabeth when she listened to and believed her brother's lies? How was her life altered by his return?

Essay Topic 3

When Elizabeth is first being courted by her suitors, she alters much about herself in order to attract a wealthy mate. First, explain what Elizabeth changed or hid about herself in order to attract men. Why did Elizabeth feel that she could not show her true self in the quest for love? How did the men react to this altered version of Elizabeth's character? How does Elizabeth's alterations directly represent the role of women during this time in high society?

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