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Judith McNaught
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ian's friend Jake live?
(a) In Scotland.
(b) In France.
(c) In Spain.
(d) In Wales.

2. Why does Lucinda think Ian is the grandson of the Duke of Stanhope?
(a) Because Ian told her so.
(b) Because she remembers when Ian was born.
(c) Because she has heard rumors.
(d) Because they look very similar.

3. If Elizabeth were to leave Jake's house and travel to the nearest city, how long would it take her to arrive there?
(a) One day.
(b) One week.
(c) Two days.
(d) Two weeks.

4. Which of the following activities does Elizabeth abstain from while fighting with Ian?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Eating.
(c) Fishing.
(d) Praying.

5. Why do Lucinda and Elizabeth arrive at Jake's home?
(a) Beacause they were lost.
(b) Because Elizabeth wanted to see Ian again.
(c) Because their carriage has broken down.
(d) Because they mistakenly thought it was someone else's home.

6. Who does Ian beat mercilessly in cards at the party where he meets Elizabeth?
(a) Count Mondevale.
(b) Sir Frances Belhaven.
(c) Robert Cameron.
(d) Sir Everly.

7. Which of the following behaviors does Elizabeth partake in during her date with Marchman?
(a) Giggling.
(b) Complaining.
(c) Crying.
(d) Shrieking.

8. Who does Ian realize mistakenly invited Elizabeth to Jake's home?
(a) His brother.
(b) His friend.
(c) His father.
(d) His secretary.

9. After they kiss for the first time, what does Ian confess to Elizabeth?
(a) That she is a terrible kisser.
(b) That he is a convict.
(c) That he is in love with her.
(d) That he is already married.

10. After attempting to make breakfast for Ian, what does Elizabeth realize about herself?
(a) That she has no sense of humor.
(b) That no man will ever love her.
(c) That she will never be capable of loving Ian.
(d) That she is very inexperienced with men.

11. Which of the following adjectives best describes Elizabeth's weekend with Ian at Jake's home?
(a) Inappropriate.
(b) Boring.
(c) Tense.
(d) Romantic.

12. Which of the following is true about Elizabeth's father?
(a) He loved to set fires.
(b) He loved to ride horses.
(c) He loved to drink alcohol.
(d) He loved to gamble.

13. Which of the following characters eavesdrops and overhears Ian discussing his first impressions of Elizabeth?
(a) Jake.
(b) Bertha.
(c) Robert.
(d) Lucinda.

14. How does Elizabeth react to being called out as a liar?
(a) She denies everything.
(b) She ignores Marchman for the rest of the day.
(c) She begs Marchman for help.
(d) She begins weeping.

15. Who is in charge of finding a husband for Elizabeth?
(a) Her grandfather.
(b) Her uncle.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following activities is Jake most concerned with during the weekend at his home?

2. After the party, where does Ian ask Elizabeth to meet him?

3. What meal are all the guests served at the party where Elizabeth and Ian meet?

4. What message did Elizabeth receive that she claims was in invitation to Jake's home?

5. Which of the following men is considered to be the wealthiest?

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