Almost Heaven Character Descriptions

Judith McNaught
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Lady Elizabeth Cameron

This character is a stubborn, graceful, and intelligent orphan whose good marriage could solve money problems; but chances of this happening are slim after this character is caught in a passionate embrace during a clandestine meeting in the woods.

Ian Thornton, Marques of Kensington

This character is charming and kind, despite having a reputation as an outsider without a title, who falls in love with a stubborn orphan.

Robert Cameron

This character has a gambling problem and an obsession with money that leads to a disastrously embarrassing duel with a much better marksman, which leads to a life filled with lies in order to save face in high society.

Alexandra Lawrence Townsende

This character is considered a "good friend" despite being out of the country honeymooning during many of the major events of this novel, and does not realize the full effect of a societal...

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