Almost Heaven Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Judith McNaught
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Chapters 1-3

• Elizabeth Cameron is introduced to the reader as an intelligent woman who has spent her life trying to save her family from financial ruin, thanks to the help of her wit and her faithful servants.

• Elizabeth's family disappeared a few years ago, and her uncle has financially supported her since then. She learns that she must marry in order to continue receiving her financial support.

• Elizabeth made her debut in society two years ago, but the reader can guess that it did not go very well, or that something disastrous happened.

• The reader learns that Elizabeth's uncle is a selfish old man who tried to auction off marriage to Elizabeth to the highest bidder. He is clearly more worried about money than his niece's happiness.

• Bentner is Elizabeth's butler, who is clearly in love with her. Bentner often oversteps his boundaries as an employee in order...

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